In 1920s, Ghatkopar was a small village that slowly came under the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. Hence, one could say that it was not really a part of Mumbai. Back then, Mumbai’s boundaries extended from Sion all the way up to Ghatkopar. Like most other small community villages, Ghatkopar had very limited connectivity to the rest of Mumbai. There was just one main road running through the suburb that connected it to Mumbai at the south end and to Thane at the north end. It used to be surrounded by creeks and hills. Ghatkopar derived its distinguished name from the fact that there were many ghats (small hills) surrounding it. Most people giving directions to this suburb would often say “Ghat ke oopar” (above the hills), and hence the name, Ghatkopar.

Designer Replica Bags OH YES Christopher! You NAILED it! (Sorry to shout. got a bit excited!) It’s the same with ‘negative’ emotions. They all have their balance (that is different for each person beyond just what the ‘word’ may be) or what I call the ‘flip side of the coin’. Many times when releasing negative emotions with a client they were unwilling to release the negative emotion until they considered what they would have instead. These things can be out of balance but both must be available to be valid and create a whole. This ‘stuff’ is so exciting! Gets me going every time! lol I like that there is only the ‘absence of’. This is why God (for those who believe in HIm) can be said to be ‘all things’ and on the flip side of the coin there is an absence of God. Deep thoughts! Designer Replica Bags

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Replica Handbags The plot of Gundemonium takes place in a Schizo Tech version of the 18th century where alchemy is linked site a part of everyday life. In the year 1775, mankind found the Philosopher’s Stones, dubbed Matrices, deep within the Spring of Yord. Their discovery led to great advancements in mankind’s technology, but these advancements came at a cost. The Spring of Yord was located within the infernal plane of Que Pholith, and the taking of the Matrices aroused the wrath of its inhabitants, the Demonium, who entered the human plane and started wreaking havoc on mankind. Some humans eventually learned to harness the power of the Matrices and use them to fight against the Demonium. These people were called Matrix Masters. However, not even they could completely stop the wake of the Demonium army. By the time the 7th wave of the Demonium army, called Gundemonium, emerged from Que Pholith, humans created an artificial Matrix Master to try and turn the tables, using a human soul rather than a Matrix as energy source. This Matrix Master was called Elixirel, the Chrome Matrix Proxy. Replica Handbags

high quality designer replica handbags Tropes Book Ends: The Wimp The Wild features tracks called, funnily, “The Wimp” and “The Wild”. These open each side of the album. Call Back: “You Are Breaking Up” features a brief reprise of Really Free in the form of a ringtone. Cluster F Bomb: Played with in “Focke Wolf”; “Focke, focke, focke, focke, focke Wulf” The ’80s: Telex and Mass Communication. DK 50/80 mentions 1984 and “places where you feel among the stars” Foreshadowing: The subject of Gypsy. When he was young Otway always wanted to be a pop star. He went to see a fortune teller who told him that he would find success with a blonde haired musician. Giftedly Bad. There are mixed feelings about this. His devoted fanbase thinks he’s a genius. The music press and most retailers of music think he’s not a real musician. Both sides are kinda right. Gratuitous Panning: Played With on Are You On My Side? John’s vocals are on the left as well as the bass. The Guitar and piano on the right. The drums in the center (with little panning). During the final choruses the channels swap four times! Groin Attack. On Old Grey Whistle Test, Otway crushes his balls on an amp!! Heroic Self Deprecation: Played With. It’s become part of his gigs!! Nothing’s Gone (Except No. 1) is a fingers up to his string of flops. Inaudibly Fast Lyrics DK 50/80 qualifies. The lyrics are not only sung fast, but there’s a delay on them which muffles them. Iron Buttmonkey: The man is 60 but still headbutts microphones, often drawing blood, and manages to perform coherently. The lack of his input can be heard on Where Did I Go Right? and All Balls and No Willy. Name and Name John Otway Wild Willy Barrett “John Otway Wild Willy Barrett” (the album) “Way Bar” counts. One Book Blunder: Not anymore! Two Hits! Wonder If you consider 27 to be a hit. At least Bunsen Burner got to No. 9. Shout Out: I Am a Lion: Out in the distance I hear the Call of the Wild. Considering The Wimp is Otway and The Wild is Barrett, this works. Barrett even shouts an “OI OI” in reply. Barrett was seen in the early 80s sporting their 4th album’s title on a t shirt “Call of the Wild” is also Barrett’s 1st solo album. Studio Chatter: Baby, It’s the Real Thing has the drummer Geoff Dugmore counting 1, 2, 3, 4 and then the same in some weird scat. Arbitrary stick clicks are also present. John laughs after this. Subliminal Seduction: The lyrics at the start of DK 50/80 are about BDSM high quality designer replica handbags.


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